Welcome to the Karenni Social Development Center

Using strategies of non-violent change, we hope to give Karenni people freedom..We are a small community based organisation located on the Thai-Burma border. Our goal is to protect the environment in our state and promote the human rights of the long suffering Karenni people. Furthermore we aim to build a new society based upon the rule of the law. On this website, we provide information about our organisation, our activities, our monthly publications and opportunities to support our work.

Thank you for showing an interest in our community!

Lastest News: Karenni Refugee Camp 1 celebrates Deeku Festival

Between September 3rd and 5th, Karenni refugees celebrated Deeku festival. The elderly leaders of our animist religion who preserve and are knowledgeable about our ethnic’s traditional ways organise our traditional festivals. They lead in predicting which days are suitable for celebrating Deeku festival. These leaders read a chicken bone on Monday 1st September. As a result of the prediction based on the chicken bone, this year the Deeku festival started on the 3rd September and ended on the 5th September. After this, people can make preparations for hosting their friends and relatives. The festival must take place within the days predicted by the chicken bone.


Some delicious food ready to eat

Some delicious food ready to eat

Deeku is celebrated by Karenni people inviting all of their relatives and guests to their homes. At their homes, they will provide food especially deeku, traditional wine and meat. Karenni people will visit many homes where they eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company.


SDC students competing  in the volleyball tournament

SDC students competing in the volleyball tournament

During the festival, we closed our school for two days to allow our student to celebrate. In Karenni Refugee Camp 1, there was a ceremony in section 9. Prior to making this ceremony, there were competitions for the younger camp citizens on how to package the traditional deeku. There were also dancing and singing competitions. Our community also holds sporting competitions during this time. These included football, volleyball and caneball.


There were prayers by the traditional leaders for all human beings, animals and the environment. Additionally, there was an explanation about the history of the Karenni people, our forefathers and the Deeku Festival. Leaders of the NGOs in the camp gave speeches of encouragement to our community. Traditional dances and songs were presented to the audiences. After the ceremony, traditional fireworks were released into the air.


This celebration is very important for our Karenni to show solidarity and pride in our traditional ways. It is an opportunity for all Karenni people, young and old to dance together, wear their traditional clothes, play their traditional music and visit house to house.


Traditional Deeku and rice wine


The Karenni Social Development Center (SDC) provides access to a successful training program with classes in Human Rights, Democracy, law, environment, computer, and English. SDC trains young refugees to become advocates in non-violent social change.

SDC is supported by grants from American Jewish World Service, Refugees International Japan, Open Society Institute and is recognized by Burma Volunteer Programs. We are a partner organisation of EarthRights International and our advanced course is conducted jointly with them.  The Curriculum Project and Mote Oo Education provide in-kind donations of textbooks.

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12 Responses to Welcome to the Karenni Social Development Center

  1. Frankie Southall says:

    Good Morning.

    I’m planning my trip from England to Thailand from November, I’m incredibly keen to Volunteer and feel that I could be exactly what you’re looking for. I don’t have a TEFL however I do have a degree in Marketing and an A grade in English at A Level.

    Could you help me please?

    Thank you!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sakina Bukhari says:

    Hello. I’m thinking about this trip from Pakistan to Thailand from the end of September, I love to Volunteer and want to travel and explore. I don’t have a TEFL however am currently doing bachelors in Mass communication and having A* grade in English. Can you guide me please?
    Thank you!



  3. Travis Ridgeway says:

    Hello my name is Travis Ridgeway and my email is Travisridgeway100@gmx.com. I have some questions in donating money and volunteering. I feel I would be a fit. Please email me if interested.


  4. Victoria Pekar says:

    Good morning!

    I come from Ukraine and I appeared to be really interested in the volonteering program of yours. I wish I can be helpful somehow. I have diploma of English philologist and due to the number of working places I’ve tried I might call myself quite experinced in working with childrer and teaching foreign languages.

    Thanks a lot!


  5. Vadim says:

    Good day! I am interested in volunteer program for the long term, please tell us,
    I’m from Russia and live in Moscow


    • sdcthailand says:

      Thank you for your email and showing an interest in our organisation, Vadim. Please could you email us at officesdc@yahoo.com. Please include the dates you are interested in volunteering and a completed application form. Our application form can be found in the volunteer section of this website.


  6. bhawika says:

    Hello I’m from Indonesia and interested to do volunteering start on January next year.. Is it possible?


    • sdcthailand says:

      Thank you for your interest in our organisation, Bhawika. Starting in January would be possible. Could you please email our organisation at officesdc@yahoo.com with a completed application form (Application forms are found in the volunteer section of our website). Please include the date you would be available to begin during January.

      Kind Regards,

      Andy Smith
      SDC Volunteer Teacher


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