Archived 2014: Basic Course Graduation Ceremony


On 29th March, 2014, we held our SDC 11th graduation ceremony at the SDC campus in camp#1. During the ceremony, there were over one hundred people in attendance, including students, parents, their guardians, some leaders from the CBOs and camp leaders.   In recognition, on the graduation day we certified 33 students, who had successfully completed the Human Rights, Environment, Rule of Law and Democracy basic Course at Karenni Social Development Center from June 2013 to March 2014. We awarded some prizes to the 3 students who got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd among the 33 students. One further student was chosen as the best student and awarded among the 33 students. During the ceremony, one male and one female student were chosen and awarded a social prize. SDC coordinator, Aung Sun Myint, and the director of the Karenni Education Department, Khu Bu Reh, gave encouragement speeches to the audience respectively.

About sdcthailand

I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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