Archived 2012: Celebration Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of the SDC

We had the pleasure of celebrating the 10th Anniversary of SDC this year.  The celebrations were held over the course of 3 days.  From 11th to 12th November 2012, the students participated in sport competitions, as well as debates, poetry and art competitions.  We also celebrated with song and dance.  The official ceremony was held on 13th October 2012, and was attended by around 100 people, including representatives from CBOs, camp leaders and parents of students.  At the ceremony, according to their services 8 staff members including an advisor who has been working at the SDC until to day were awarded some prizes and as in recognition they were certified with a certificate of each. The winners of the competitions of the Arts, sports, songs and debates were announced and awarded some prizes prepared by the SDC and speeches were given by prominent members of the SDC and Karenni community, including Aung Sun Myint (the coordinator and founder of SDC), Myar Reh (the principal of SDC) and Bwee Phaw (Karenni leader).  The occasion was also celebrated by songs and dance, and food and beverages.

The 10th Anniversary was a great occasion, which allowed us to reflect on the achievements of the school since it was founded in 2002 and to show case the talents and knowledge of our students, who are the future of the Karenni community.

About sdcthailand

I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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