Students research, intern and write reports

Students write reports on their research and internships

Students write reports on their research and internships

During October, students on the basic course split into two groups. One group went to conduct research and one group went to do internships. This activity is aimed at building both work and research skills.

The students researched about issues in and around Karenni Refugee Camp 1. They researched issues including Education, social delinquency, domestic violence, deforestation, Waste problems and the culture of Karenni society. After completing their research, they wrote reports on their issues.

Students interned at a number of organisations inside the camp. Students practiced working in a legal environment at the Karenni Camp Justice. Students also learnt about office work in the Karenni Education Department. Another organisation students interned at was our partners Karenni Social Welfare and Development Center where they looked at office work in a community based organisation.

The students who took on internships began making their presentations on Friday October 31st. The presentations about research took place on Monday November 2nd. We will publish some of these reports online so as to give you our readers, a better understanding of the challenges in our community and how they are being confronted.

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I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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