SDC ACMTC students organise a human rights workshop

Oo Reh presents about human rights

Oo Reh presents about human rights

During our SDC advanced course, students prepared and conducted a workshop for members of the local community. This is a report of the workshop by an SDC student, Oo Reh.


Our workshop was about Human Rights. Firstly, we prepared this project’s plan. Then, ACMTC students interviewed. After that, we analysed information from the interviews. This workshop was successful so we were happy with our workshop. In this report, we will write activities, results, monitoring and evaluation.


  1. Preparation

On 9th October, Teacher Julia and ACMTC’s students discussed about Human Rights. Then, all students talked about interview questions and who we will go to interview. All students had different groups. There were Pa Pa Moe’s group, Soe Meh’s group and Shar Myar Kay’s group.


  1. Interviews
Two SDC students prepare to interview

Two SDC students prepare to interview

Secondly, all students prepared the interview questions. Then groups of students went to interview different places. We went to interview the local parents, Bible School, KSWDC, KNCC and staff of KnRC on Monday 13th October. We asked questions about Human Rights. We also collected information from local people.


  1. Analyse information

Thirdly, all students and Teacher Julia met in the classroom on 17th October. We also divided the group of students again. There was Oo Reh’s group, Khar Reh’s group and Byar Reh’s group. Khar Reh’s group analysed information from the interviews. Oo Reh’s group made the PowerPoint. Byar Reh’s group created the timetable for the presentation.


By the 24th October, we had finished our power point and researched human rights. Then, we practiced for our presentation. Also, Teacher Mudee Paw supported us with our issue.


  1. Workshop

On 25th October, we had a workshop. There were 37 people participating at our workshop. We started presenting at 9:00. We presented about the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and some articles. These were; article 2: freedom from discrimination; article 3: Right to security, life and liberty; Article 16: Right to marry; and article 26: Right to education. Teacher Mudee Paw from BLC supported our issue. Then we had a discussion and questions with 37 people. We had a 15 minute break time. We finished at 12:00.


The audience watching the presentation

The audience watching the presentation


The result of our activity was that we had a successful workshop. 18 people said they had not studied about Human Rights. 27 people believed Human Rights are important. There were KnCC, Bible School, KSWDC, staff of Ktimes, staff of KnRC and some local women attending this workshop. We presented about human rights. We spent one month with Teacher Julia.


The direct beneficiaries were local people who participated and who did the presentation. The indirect beneficiaries were SDC’s teachers and people who didn’t come to our workshop because participators will share with their friends and their parents about Human Right’s knowledge.


Teacher Julia and Teacher Mudee Paw monitored this activity because they checked our issue and PowerPoint. We changed our PowerPoint. KnRc gave us some information. We evaluated this activity by giving 37 people a text to answer and by asking questions. There were 25 people, who attended our workshop, which believed their Human Rights had been abused. So, our activity was successful.


In conclusion, we have completed our workshop. Our project’s objective was to distribute Human Rights knowledge. We are happy with our workshop. Local people can understand their rights. They also want to share with their friends and parents. We need the best workshop in our community because people don’t know well about Human Rights. Some challenges were we didn’t have enough chairs. Sometimes, we didn’t have electricity so we could not find information and research. Also, we didn’t have enough time to present our issue.


The next time, we need to take more time for planning this project. We also need to borrow some chairs. We especially need to find funds for this project so we can do more outreach about Human Rights and presentation skills. Overall, our workshop was successful.


About sdcthailand

I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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