Our SDC community participate in a global leadership cafe


SDC staff, donors and the global leadership community team

This month, our organisation hosted a world café event. The global leadership community and our donors, RIJ, provided the event to our organisation. The event helped our community to come together and proactively create visions and ideas for a brighter future.

The global leadership Community connected to our organisation with the help of our donors, RIJ. Together with Principal, Khu Myar Reh, the global leadership community prepared a two-day event at our center. The first day was for our community and the second for our staff.

During the first day, we began by introducing ourselves and our relationship to SDC. At the event, we had a broad range of voices represented including staff, alumni, donors, supporters, volunteers and students. The GLC team encouraged us to give a word to describe what SDC meant to us. Some of the words we gave were justice, opportunity, power, improvement and preservation. This activity allowed us all to see the importance of SDC to our community.

Our team participate in the 'How comfortable are you in a leadership role?' activity

Our team participate in the ‘How comfortable are you in a leadership role?’ activity

We then looked into leadership qualities. We did some activities to learn about who was confident in a leadership role and who preferred to act in more of a background role. It was interesting to see alumni, students, teachers, volunteers and supporters all interacting in this activity. It helped us to better understand about each other and our goals.

An example of heart visioning

An example of heart visioning

We also used heart visioning to develop an understanding of how SDC functions. We provided information about what we put into SDC and also what SDC provides for our community. We placed all of this information on diagrams and then compared each other’s ideas and feelings about SDC.

Later in the day, we ran a world café. This format involved small group discussions about our future. The facilitators then helped us to formulate some clear steps to a better future. All of the participants embraced the world café format. At the end we had a focus around ideas including women’s participation, future planning, networking and working with donors.

The second day only included our SDC staff. With the help and support of the global leadership community team, we set about looking into some of the teaching strategies from the previous day and how to use them to create a better future for our SDC students, our SDC organisation and most importantly of all, our community.

Everybody here at SDC is extremely thankful to the Global Leadership Café team for both providing our organisation with a world café and also some of the methodology behind this educational format. We are now especially enthusiastic about the future and how we can put these new ideas into practice and build a brighter future for our people.

Harvesting our ideas

Harvesting our ideas

Looking over our ideas

Looking over our ideas

SDC staff and volunteers looking over teaching methodology

SDC staff and volunteers looking over teaching methodology

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