Reh Saung Oo’s Story

Our 4th Advanced Community Management Training Course graduation

Reh Saung Oo at his graduation with his fellow alumni

Q: What is your background?

A: I am from Karenni State in Burma. I have been in Karenni Refugee Camp 1 since 2010. My family lives in Karenni State now. I came to the camp alone. I didn’t come with my family so now I live alone. In 2010, I started to study in the camp and in 2014, I completed my education. I have graduated from the high school, the SDC basic course and the SDC Advanced course. Now, I have been working in my community for over one year. I work as a coordinator for vocational training in Karenni Refugee Camp 1.

Q: What was your experience at SDC like?

A: When I studied for one year and a half at SDC, I was very happy and enjoyed studying there. I enjoyed my time there because I liked the subjects and they are very related to our community and society. For example, in our community, there are abuses of human rights so it is important for us to know. Additionally, Law is important because we had an election in Burma and it was unlawful. Now, we have studied law at SDC, we understand this was unlawful. If we had not studied at SDC, we would not know about this. I still want to help SDC if I can.

Q: What is your job like?

A: In my organisation, we give training for our community. My job is mostly management to ensure the trainings are successful. I mostly manage the different materials and the staff. I like my job because these trainings are very useful for our people. They are useful for now and in the future. These trainings can help our people to realise their life potential.

Q: What do you do in your freetime?

A: In my freetime, I visit my friends and use the internet. I also like to read books and visit my relatives. In camp, we can do many things. We can read or play sports or go shopping or visit other people. Sometimes we can go to spend time in the forest.

Q: How has SDC helped you?

A: SDC has helped me in many ways. I have learnt many things from SDC. I have learnt management skills, report writing and how to write proposals. Now, in my life I use these skills.

About sdcthailand

I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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2 Responses to Reh Saung Oo’s Story

  1. Mohammad Ruhul Amin Majumder says:

    A great job done towards doing a greater one for the cause of the society and the humanity at large, the credit mostly goes to SDC

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  2. Great to read this post! I’m glad you have been using the skills learned at the SDC to work in your community. What are you plans for the future?

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