Maung Nyein’s Story

Maung Nyein with his fellow students and volunteers on International Women’s day

Maung Nyein with his fellow students and volunteers on International Women’s day

My name is Maung Nyein. I come from Karenni State. When I lived in Karenni State, I had seen in the village fighting with Burmese soldiers and Karenni armies. Burmese soldiers came into my village and caused persecution. My life was very unsafe. My family was very poor. My mother went to farm in the field. I studied until grade 7 school because in my community to attend school, it costs a lot of money. I lived with my mother. My parents worked on the fields. I remember many scary things that happened. There were Burmese soldiers in my village. They persecuted our people. I remember forever why I left and about the Burmese soldiers.



Once I got to camp #1, I went to high school. I was 17 years old. I was a student in high school class B. My high school class group was called vegetable. I felt happy. I applied to SDC school because of my interest in their subjects. I learnt about Rule of law, Environment, Human Rights and Democracy subjects. In our community , these are useful to the public.



So far at SDC I have learnt many new things I have studied Rule of law, Environment, Democracy and Human Rights. My favorite subject is Environment. I learnt about dams and waste. Now that I know this I feel informed to protect the environment because in our community, there are groups building dams. This effects the public. The waste effects the health of people.



I am most proud of the opportunity to help my community after I graduate from SDC. When we graduate, for us, it will be very happy and proud. I’m a helpful person. My wish for the whole world is free education. I want peace for the world.


About sdcthailand

I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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