SDC runs a three day staff media training


A staff member and alumni looking at their pictures

Every summer, here at SDC, we look to build our capacity for change. In order to increase our staff skills, we have just completed a three-day training course. The aim of the course was to build the multimedia capacity of our staff. We hope that after this training all of our staff will be able to take and produce high quality photography and videos.

For three days, between April the 16th and 18th, we ran a workshop to provide effective instruction and practical guidance in the art of photography and video. The workshop was provided by volunteers and the participants were all SDC staff and alumni.

The first part of the workshop taught how to take and edit quality photos. The trainers introduced some photography methodology. After this, staff practiced taking photos of people, our school and our environment. Finally, they used a video enhancement program to improve the quality of their photos.

The second part of our workshop was focused on videos. Staff worked together using various hints and tips to create a brief video of our campus. After this, they used video editing software to produce the video.

During the workshop, our team took regular breaks to compare the photos and videos they had produced and to discuss how to make improvements to them.

The feedback from the workshop was excellent. We have also provided some of the pictures taken from the workshop with this post to show some of the final product produced during the workshop. We are committed to putting these new skills into practice and furthering the outreach and success of our organisation.


Participants took pictures of people and scenery to practice


Students helped us to run the workshop by looking after the school for the staff

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