Alumni profile: Aye Aung

SDC AlumnusQ: Can you give some information about your history?

A: In 2006 – 2007, I joined with a Karenni young people’s group. Later in 2011 – 2012, through a relationship with Karenni Youth Organisation (KnYO), I joined the Karenni Social Development Center. After completing SDC, I joined with the Union of Karenni State Youth (UKSY) and I have been serving for my community until today.

Q: Since graduating from SDC, what have you achieved?

A: After finishing SDC, I joined a women’s leadership training course. I have also participated in a workshop concerned with elections and leadership. I have had the opportunity to meet people at the grassroots level. Therefore, I am aware of our people’s problems

Q: How did studying at SDC help you?

A: By attending SDC, I have learnt effectively about human rights, democracy, environment and the rule of law. I have sufficient awareness of these issues. In addition, I have some skills of English and Computer.

Q: What do SDC alumni do for your community in Karenni State?

A: Some SDC alumni are working for their community in organisations dependent upon their interests. Also, some alumni are working on women’s issues, development programs, in politics and for farmers’ unions.

Q: What effect does SDC School have on activism and rights inside Karenni State?

A: Our SDC alumni have learnt about politics, human rights, elections and the rule of law. Based on these skills, experience and knowledge, most of our women are more empowered to participate in politics.

Q: What does your community need for the future?

A: Most of our local people need the skills of English, computer and general knowledge. Ur state and our area has a very poor education level. We have unreliable communication and electricity. We also have a scarcity of medical supplies and clean drinking water. We still need to strengthen our civil society and the participation of our young people in political roles. We also need to improve at fundraising and proposal writing. Management, computer skills, English and General knowledge will be key to improving our future.

Q: Do you have anything else to say about SDC?

A: SDC is an important organisation for supporting our young people with the knowledge of politics. The additional skills of computer, English and general knowledge are also really useful. I hope for SDC to expand in the future and accept more and more applicants from further afield. For me, this program is the best. In my view, more alumni should go and work inside Karenni State.

About sdcthailand

I'm a human rights trainer in the Karenni Refugee Camp.
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