Our Staff

SDCAung Sun Myint Steven, EarthRights School, Class of 2000
General Coordinator

  • Student Advisor
  • Community Relations (ERS, alumni, refugee community)
  • Proposal and Report writing
  • School and project planning
  • Inside Program coordination

SDCKhu Myar Reh, EarthRights School, Class of 2007
Principal / Treasurer

  • Democracy Trainer
  • Student affairs
  • Alumni and community coordination
  • Proposal and report writing
  • Volunteer Liaison and Recruitment

P1080818Maw Thyamar. EarthRights School, Class of 2008
Trainer / Accountant

  • Trainer (Environment, Social Studies)
  • Accounting and financial report writing
  • Dormitory management
  • Proposal and report writing
  • School project and schedule drafting
  • Program coordination
  • Guest teacher coordination
  • Student welfare assistance

Khu Klaw Reh, Karenni SDC Advanced Course, Class of 2009
Human Rights Trainer/ Students’ Affairs

  • Human rights
  • Child rights
  • Indigenous people’s rights
  • Women’s rights
  • Facilities management
  • Resources monitoring

Mudee Paw, Karenni SDC Class of 2011, BLC Class of 2012


  • Rule of law
  • Constitutional law
  • Humanitarian law

Deh Ni, Karenni SDC Advanced Course, Class of 2013
Teacher Assistant

  • Office Assistant
  • Facilities management
  • Resources monitoring

Neh Reh, Karenni Leadership and Management Course,                                    Class of 2008,  Computer Trainerdownload

  • Computers
  • Media editing


The SDC has had many international volunteers since it began in 2003. In recent years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming these ESL and subject teachers:

Daniel from the USA, Sarah Birkebak from the USA, Leah Sawyer Baker from Australia, Peter, Hay-Din from New Zealand, Paula from Colombia, Allison from the UK, Lynette Nam from Australia, Emily Ward from the USA, Justin Shenk from the USA, Hannah Feldman from the UK, Wong Jiayi Felicia from Singapore, Patricia Louie from Canada, Andy Smith from the UK, Julia Branco from the USA, Elliot Billingsley from the USA, Morgan Watson from the USA and Eleanor De Giberne Sieveking from the UK.