Damming the salween


Lawpita Hydro-Electric Powerplant

The dams on the Salween River are a core issue for Karenni people. These dams are being planned by Burmese, Chinese and Thai companies. The communities living along the Salween River look set to suffer the detriment of these dams but it is likely they will receive little of the benefit.


Karenni State already plays host to two dams: Lawpita and Mobye. These dams are well-known for a lack of benefit to local people. This report provides a detailed explanation of dam issues. The damage that the dams have caused includes both environmental and human rights abuses.


The latest project is the Ywathit Dam. The Ywathit Dam is planned to be built in an area along the Salween River where most of the community have fled conflict in the past. There has already been surveying work and timber concessions in the surrounding area. For more information about the Ywathit dam click here.


On March 14th 2014, 33,538 signatories called for an end to the controversial project to dam the Salween River.  Find out more here.


This is an ongoing issue and SDC will continue to provide information.

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