Mawchi Mine

Mawchi Mine

Mawchi Mine in Karenni State

A key issue in Karenni State is mining at Mawchi mine, Bawlakhe division. This mine was originally opened by the British. There are regular landslides at the mine which affects the surrounding villages. The mine is jointly controlled by the No. 2 Mining Ministry and the military-owned Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited. The mine is operated by the Kayah State Mining Company Ltd, headed by ex-military officer U Ye Tun Tin, USDP MP for Pasaung Township.


A local organisation Molo Women’s mining watch is providing research and activism on this issue. On December 11th 2012, Molo women’s mining watch published this statement.


More recently, the Burmese government has been granting mining concessions for this area. A massive expansion is being proposed with the Mawsaki Company, an unknown Australian company and the Burmese Actor, Lwin Moe. Later in partnership with the Karenni Civil Society Network, the Molo Women’s Mining Watch released this statement. They also released this pamphlet.


This is an ongoing issue and, here at SDC, we will provide up to date information.

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