The SDC needs your support!  The SDC has trained over 240 young men and women thanks to the generosity of its donors.

– Provide computers for students

The students have grown up without computers.  Access to technology will give 21st century skills and additional English language practice.  At this time, donations of new and gently used electronic equipment (projectors, printers, camcorders, etc.) and office equipment are most appreciated.

– Help us grow

The SDC now has 50 basic course students and 20 advanced course students.  Additional funding feeds, houses and trains more students, giving access to education for young Karenni people passionate about helping their community. We also accept material donations.

– Support the inside program

Real change for Burma is going to happen at the grassroots level.  Select SDC alumni go inside and conduct mobile trainings, documentation trips, and outreach activities within Karenni state.

To enquire about making a donation, please email Myar Reh at or contact us using the address and details on the side of the page.

14 May Lesson - Penguin Readers

Students practice reading skills using Penguin Readers donated by Elinor Costa-Low. In-kind donations of educational materials and office equipment help us to modernize our operations.